This PUMP Won’t Quit - VARIO Select Chemistry Vacuum Pumps from VACUUBRAND

Easy, Efficient and Extremely Durable

The combination of speed controlled VARIO chemistry diaphragm pumps and the new VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller makes the VARIO select chemistry pumps the ideal solution for chemical processes that require precise vacuum, such as rotary evaporation, vacuum drying or vacuum concentration.

VACUUBRAND Quality - unsurpassed long-term performance

VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps offer unsurpassed long-term performance – even in demanding conditions. Thanks to high-quality fluoropolymers, precise manufacturing processes, and 100 % quality control, VACUUBRAND chemistry diaphragm pumps guarantee uncompromising chemical resistance, long service intervals, and longstanding reliability.

VARIO Control - efficient and whisper quiet

VARIO-pumps provide pinpoint vacuum control by adjusting the motor speed. This guarantees optimal process times and reproducible results. VARIO-pumps run on demand for maximum energy efficiency, increased service intervals, and whisper quiet operation.

VACUU·SELECT Controller - keep it simple

The new VACUU·SELECT vacuum controller makes your tasks simple, easy, and efficient. Choose your application from a set of predefined applications or create your own routine in next to no time. Everything is right at your fingertips with the intuitive VACUU·SELECT user interface.

No more “Babysitting”

With automatic evaporation, boiling points are detected at the touch of a button and the pressure is continuously adapted throughout the evaporation. Even critical solvent mixtures are quickly and safely evaporated without bumping or foaming.

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