IKA PETTE: Safe Liquid Handling for Fixed and Variable Volumes

The IKA single pipettes fix and vario can be used for many pipetting applications in modern laboratories

Everything you need for safe dosing in one device: With the new PETTE fix and vario pipettes, IKA combines the most popular features of this laboratory classic. With uncompromisingly precise performance and the desired reproducibility, the new PETTE is also extremely flattering in the hand. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications and frequent use in the laboratory.

From A to Z: IKA PETTE fix and vario are fully autoclavable and can be sterilized very easily. This guarantees accuracy, precision and safety. The color-coding of the IKA single-channel pipettes fixed and vario facilitates the quick selection of the appropriate pipette. In addition, pipettes from IKA are of course shockproof and UV and chemical resistant, which ensures reliable dosing.

Ergonomic design

IKA pipettes are delivered with three interchangeable handles in different shapes and materials. This guarantees a comfortable grip for right- and left-handers, small or large hands. Minimal friction and spring forces also ensure that the dosage is ergonomic and requires no effort at all. The multifunction button allows one-handed volume adjustment. In addition, the pipette tip can be ejected in any hand position while the volume adjustment is securely locked. Together with the pleasantly smooth surface and the low weight, the ergonomic design provides a particularly pleasant working feeling.

Durable construction

The tip cone and piston are coated with a high-quality coating* (DLC, diamond like carbon). PETTE fix and vario have a functional and minimalist design and consist of a small number of clearly arranged individual parts. This combination ensures particularly robust pipettes, which dose reliably day after day and are very easy to clean.

Insulation by air

An air layer thermally separates housing and handle. This air space insulates the pipette so that it does not heat up in the hand. Thanks to this design, the volume error typical for pipettes is reduced.

Simple maintenance and adjustment

As many individual parts as necessary and as few as possible: Thanks to the sophisticated design, the volume unit with piston and seal can be dismantled and cleaned in just a few simple steps. If adjustment is necessary, this can be done easily and smoothly without additional tools

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