Universal CCD Array Spectrometer for Low-Light Applications in Industry and Research

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High Definition Optics - provides high optical resolution and excellent peak symmetry


High throughput - suits low light level applications


Low stray light - excellent for unified color measurements

High-Performance Optics for High Throughput - Ideal for Fluorescence and Raman Analyses

Ocean HDX is a general-purpose spectrometer well suited for research applications, integration into biomedical instrumentation, and QC functions in industrial settings. Outstanding unit-to-unit repeatability ensures measurement consistency across multiple monitoring points on a process line or across multiple plant locations.

Key industrial applications include thin film analysis on a production line; high speed, high throughput color and irradiance measurements for QA/QC; and real-time elemental analysis using plasma monitoring.

HDX has a back-thinned CCD array and High Definition Optics design, with X-Platform Electronics to enhance communication capabilities, plus powerful onboard storage and processing functions. Store up to 50,000 spectra and take advantage of onboard averaging to capture more spectral data in less time. Interface options include USB, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, AP Wi-Fi and RS-232.

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