Water and Shaking Water Baths from 10-100 °C: High-Quality, Intuitive, Reliable in Continuous Duty

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Self-explanatory, intuitive operation and simple control via TFT display and softkeys


Reliable continuous operation even in the absence of the operator thanks to double overtemperature protection


Fast temperature control, uniform rinsing of the samples and homogeneous temperature distribution in the bath

Indispensable supporters for continuous operation in the laboratory

As a typical water bath, water bath with circulation function or as a shaking water bath, the devices are optimally equipped for every application in the laboratory and ensure a homogeneous temperature distribution without local overheating.

LAUDA Hydro water baths, made of high-quality stainless steel, offer the appropriate bath depth and opening for every application with bath volumes from 4 to 41 litres. With excellent temperature homogeneity, optional circulation or shaking function, they are designed for the needs of biological, medical or biochemical laboratories.

All water baths offer a temperature range of up to 100 °C, which also allows applications in the boiling range. A timer function can be used to set a switch-on delay and the duration of the operating time both after a switch-on delay and after reaching the set temperature. The high-contrast 3.5 inch TFT display shows all setting and operating values. In addition, the controller has an electronic function control with optical and acoustic alarm signal in case of error.

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