All-in-one Sample Vessels for Ultra-trace Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Reduced risk of contamination: Use only one sample vessel for several steps in preparation


No sample loss thanks to low-binding vessels made from ultra-pure PFA


Tight and safe sealing with wrench tool

For improved accuracy in ultra-trace analysis and a simplified workflow

Laboratory users don’t want to have contaminations in samples they are analyzing. Especially in ultra-trace analysis, if measurements of smallest element concentrations are to be detected, contaminations can distort significantly the analysis result. Maybe this can also lead to a loss of an unique sample. That’s why in analysis, the sample preparation is besides the sample collection a risk of contamination. The sample will possibly be transferred several times in various or inappropriate vessels. Thus, troubles with contaminations and high blanks are predestined. To solve this problem, AHF provides ultra-pure laboratory vessels made of PFA which follow an All-in-one approach. That means using only one vessel for several steps during the sample preparation process. That reduces the risk of contamination, simplifies your workflow, saves time and reduces costs due to reusable PFA vessels.

Excellent Material Properties:

These sample vessels are made of Perfluoroalkoxy polymer (PFA) that provides excellent material properties what makes them ideal for use in ultra-trace analysis:

The material has a hydrophobic and antiadhesive surface which ensures that organic substances like proteins do not stick to the vessel wall, unlike glass. The very smooth surface minimizes particle carry-overs and even small sample volumes can be removed completely (‘low binding’). Also, nearly no loss of sample material occurs through adsorption at the vessel wall. Hence, PFA vessels are particularly suitable for sensitive and valuable substances in bio analysis as well as for long-term storage of biological samples.

Furthermore, PFA is inert and resistant against chemicals like aggressive acids (also HF) and many organic solvents. Vessels made of PFA provide high thermal stability in a range from – 200 °C to +260 °C, so it can be both, frozen in liquid nitrogen and autoclaved.

Suitable for Autosamplers and Heating Plates:

All-in-one vessels are available in various series: As ‘Mini Vials’ with diameter of 22 mm and 3, 5, 7, 12 or 25 mL volume and as ‘Standard Vials’ with diameter of 29 mm and 15, 30 or 50 mL volume. They are equipped with graduation marks and can be sealed with closures. Due to their functional size, using in autosamplers is possible and their robust thermal stability also allows using them on heating plates. The flat outer bottom ensures best heat transfer.

Another series (‘Jars’) with 49 mm diameter and 50, 100 und 180 mL volume is available for larger sample volumes which can also be sealed with closure. They can versatilely used in the lab and are also suitable for use on heating plates.

Tight and Safe Sealing:

There is another highlight of the vessels: Notches in the outer bottom allow very tight sealing of the vessel and closure with a special hand wrench tool. That makes it almost impossible to open them by hand.

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