Docking Station for Three HPLC Modules: Valves, Pumps & Detectors Freely Combinable within Housing

The Top 3 Advantages

Plug-in modules for a quick customization of the HPLC docking station.


Minimum downtime in case of service due to fast module replacement


Highest functionality on minimum space

Individual configuration and highest functionality at minimal space requirements

The configurable docking station ASM 2.2L from Knauer combines valves, pumps and UV detectors in one housing. The plug-in modules can be removed quickly and easily, allowing the user to exchange modules within minutes. Likewise, the configuration of the HPLC system can be adapted to new requirements.

Routine maintenance work, such as replacing the lamp of a detector, can be easily performed by the user.

Depending on the integrated modules, the assistant fulfills many different tasks like eluent delivery, detection, sample and solvent selection, sample injection, column selection or fraction collection.

An assistant with pump, injection valve and detector features a complete, compact chromatographic system.

As part of a larger system, the ASM 2.2L is versatile in analytical, preparative and continuous liquid
chromatography. For use in FPLC the modules of the docking station are also available as biocompatible variants.

A leak sensor, the capillary guidance and the optional display software Mobile Control facilitate a safe and user-friendly operation.

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