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Chemical Analysis of Materials within Seconds: Imaging, Molecular & Elemental Analysis in One

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Elemental composition and molecular/crystalline structure of non-/metallic samples in seconds


Evaluation of the hazard potential of particles and traceability to their source


Material identification, classification and quantitative analyses, area and depth profiles

Innovation for research and development, forensics, technical cleanliness, gemology/mineralogy.

CORALIS offers unique advantages for applications in areas such as technical cleanliness, particle analysis, forensics, mineralogy/gemology and archaeometry due to the extraordinary combination of imaging, molecular and elemental analysis.

The CORALIS system combines the two complementary techniques LIBS and Raman spectroscopy. Using a high-resolution sample image, pre-selected measurement positions are analyzed either with Raman or LIBS or successively with both methods.

The unique ARYELLE Echelle spectrometer as the core piece offers high resolution, a wide wavelength range down to the deep UV range and light throughput at the highest level. The laser-safe housing and the integrated safety circuit ensure user-friendly handling of the instrument and protection of the installed components.

The integrated imaging algorithm supports automatic particle detection as well as analysis of particle size, size distribution and particle counting.

Extensive integrated databases enable well-founded analysis results.

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LTB Lasertechnik Berlin GmbH
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