Liquid Particle Counters for More Efficient and Reliable Hydraulic/Fuel Systems

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Less effort and accelerated sample-to-sample times thanks to self-cleaning routines


Easy handling and greater throughput due to measuring times of <60 seonds


Various devices available for measurements in labs, at changing locations and online

Predictive particle measurement of fuel and hydraulic oil saves costs and trouble

The Beckman Coulter HIAC series of liquid particle counters let you keep an eye on the quality of hydraulic fluids, fuels and other liquids – both in the lab and directly on-site. These particle analyzers are specially designed for industrial use to avoid unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs. Their intelligent and predictive contamination monitoring prevents abrasion and thus increases the long-term efficiency and reliability of your systems.

The HIAC particle counters facilitate contamination monitoring in a variety of fluids in fuel and hydraulic systems, including alcohols, aldehydes, aromatics, diesel, kerosene and other fuels, glycol, hydraulic and other oils, ketones, water etc. The particle analyzers are designed to provide industrial users with the solutions they need to simplify their routine operations and increase the efficiency of their systems. Take advantage of our experience – we’ll help you to be proactive and foresightful.

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