Software development services in the area of instrumentation, automation, and data management

The Top 3 Advantages

Extensive experience in software development for analytical instruments


Scalability in terms of resources and domain knowledge


Full regulatory compliance for classified products

Software for instrumentation and devices in areas: analytical chemistry, life sciences, pharma, IVD

Execom is a software engineering house focused on the entire development cycle - from idea, design, production to maintenance of complex software solutions. Our headquarters are located in Novi Sad, Serbia, while the Dutch branch office ensures local account management.

As a development partner, we seamlessly integrate with your organization. Besides our substantial German customer base, we have formed successful partnerships with clients from the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France, the Czech Republic and Russia, since being established in 1995.

Before starting a project, we closely align required technologies and resources with the available budget in order to de-risk projects. We anchor the domain knowledge of our clients in our teams in Execom. This warrants continuity and allows for gearing up and down resources fluently, while maintaining technological core. Agile teams are located in our Novi Sad office, maintaining close relationship with clients via regular visits. We have extensive experience with both PC-based and embedded solutions.

Target Industries
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