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The Laboratory at Hand: Better Decisions with Mobile Near Infrared Spectroscopy from trinamiX

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Mobile NIR spectroscopy for all applications


Valuable results due to broad spectrum


Reliable and actionable results in less than 5 seconds

Powerful combination of sensor, data analytics and molecular expertise – Made in Germany

The trinamiX NIR spectroscopy solution combines robust and powerful hardware, intelligent data analysis, and a precise understanding of molecules. It thus offers fast, reliable and actionable results for various applications.

The NIR spectrometer contains a semiconductor manufactured by trinamiX that detects infrared light in the wavelength range up to 2.5 microns to quickly and accurately analyze the molecular structure of various materials. Thanks to a patented process, the semiconductor can also be produced in high quantities in the best quality.

As a mobile solution, the spectrometer can be used anywhere and increases the efficiency of the analytical processes. The easy handling of the device and the clear presentation of the results in the app give professionals and beginners easy access to the analytical power of NIR spectroscopy.

The applications range from agriculture and food to chemical and industrial processes. Inbound control, quality checks, ad-hoc analysis, material sorting and identification are some of the many use cases that trinamiX can support.

  • quality control

  • inbound control

  • material sorting

  • material identification

  • chemometrics

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