TitroLine 5000: The easiest titration ever...

The Top 3 Advantages

Simple operation without special knowledge of the automatic titration


Pre-installed standard methods for VFA/TAC, alkalinity, chloride, total acidity and further applications


Also suitable for manual titration and dosing

The entry into the automated titration

The titrator TitroLine 5000 is the first choice by entering the automated titration. It allows getting precise and quick results without a special training or a deeper knowledge of automatic titration.

The TitroLine 5000 can be used for many applications in water, wastewater, environmental or food analysis. For this there are pre-installed standard methods available in the titrator. Among these are VFA/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in drinks and chloride. It also supports titration to pH and mV-endpoints as well as linear and dynamic titration to equivalence points.

A high resoultion pH/mV-measurement input allows the connection of pH-, ORP-, silver- and further mV-electrodes. Through the temperature measurement input for Pt 1000 and NTC 30 the titrator also allows an automatic temperature compensation during pH-measurement and titration.

Although the TitroLine 5000 is designed for automated titration it can be used for manual titrations and dosings. Therefore, it is the easiest entry into automated titration.

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