The Power of 3: Introducing the New Multi-Sample Discovery X3 D

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Higher productivity - collect critical information in a fraction of the time.


Better comparisons - compare 3 different formulations or competitive materials, side-by-side.


Automatic verification - check instrument calibration while simultaneously measuring valuable samples.

Discover the DSC that Delivers

TA Instruments invites you to Discover the possibilities with the Discovery X3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter, featuring a multi-sample cell that delivers high quality heat flow data for up to three samples simultaneously. The Discovery X3 DSC combines industry-leading performance with the tools to increase productivity on every level of material research. TA Instruments’ commitment to innovation enables scientists and engineers to reach their goals faster and make critical decisions with confidence. TA Instruments has set the bar in the science of DSC where best-in-class performance is realized without the need for pre- and post-test data manipulation prevalent in competitive offerings. The Discovery Series DSC’s provide both novice and advanced DSC users the highest confidence in generating superior data, while enhancing laboratory workflows and productivity.

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