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Fluid systems for instrument-based analytics/ spectroscopy

The Top 3 Advantages

Compact device module up to 100% tested


Independent of pre-pressure, with hard and soft security


User-specific, digital sub-systems

Individual sub-systems consisting of valve, sensor, controller and safety circuit from one source

Spectroscopy is based on precise and reliable sensor and actuator equipment. Combustion gases and carrier gases or liquids for absorption spectroscopy must be dosed and mixed with precision, requiring precise pressure and liquid control circuits, among other things.

To meet this need, Bürkert offers various solenoid and micro valves in single or 2/3 way versions, each with and without media separation as well as proportional valves. For recording the measured values, pressure and flow sensors are available.

In addition, a variety of flow regulators are available for gases and liquids, through to fully assembled, ready-to-go system solutions. Instead of individual components, the customer receives the entire fluid system as a ready-assembled and fully tested unit.

Fluid block, PCB with integrated sensor equipment, all connections for fluids, power supply and communication are grouped on one compact module plate.

For automation of the analyses, all process data can be transferred via individual communication interface.

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