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Automated Sample Preparation Robot featuring GLP Software for Smarter Sample Prep Methods

The Top 3 Advantages

Industry leading intuitive software interface, program smarter sample prep methods in minutes.


Consistent, reproducible and accurate results that you can rely on time after time.


Manage user access to methods, control changes and edits with full traceability and accountability.

Think Smarter Sample Prep - More Processing – Less Programming

Since its introduction, the Biotage Extrahera has transformed automated sample preparation with its precision engineering, easy to use software and flexible consumables formats. Extrahera improves your labs throughput and efficiency. You'll see improved data quality, reduced errors and most likely increased analyte recovery. Lastly your cost per sample will be reduced. Whats not to like?

Now, with the new GLP software package, users can combine the utility of the system’s advanced lab automation with the organizational features used under Good Laboratory Practices. Whether you operate in a GLP workspace, or you simply need to tidy up your lab’s workflow, the Extrahera GLP software package has the tools you need to successfully organize your lab.

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