Continuous SMB chromatography for cannabinoid production

The Top 3 Advantages

Efficient purification with yields of up to 100 percent




Made in Germany

Efficient purification of specific cannabinoids with high purity and yield

It is a major challenge to extract high-purity active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from natural products at high yields. This applies also to the cannabinoid sector. Simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography sets the benchmark for productivity, purity and yield in the continuous processing of chromatographic separations.

This AZURA SMB pilot system "Cannabis Producer" is dedicated to the continuous production of cannabinoids from cannabis. The Cannabis Producer allows the continuous separation of mixtures of substances and extraction into two fractions. High purity and simultaneous yields of up to 100 percent distinguish this process from conventional preparative LC methods.

The system features four preparative pumps and seven multi-position valves integrated into four AZURA Assistant ASM 2.2L.

KNAUER offers batch chromatography as well as continuous chromatographic purification of small molecules and biomolecules. Our system solutions for the purification of bio-molecules (FPLC) can be viewed in the brochure download.

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