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Increased synthesis lab productivity through greener and faster flash purification

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Increased throughput for enhanced productivity – more from less.


Reduced solvent consumption for greener operation – looking after the world.


Five year warranty for peace of mind and maximum uptime – reliability built in.

Take a greener approach to increased productivity in your organic synthesis workflow

Smaller Footprint, Increased Productivity.
When purifying molecules, maximizing efficiency is critical. The Biotage® Selekt is the smallest automated flash system available, freeing lab space, and has two column channels. You can dedicate one to normal phase and one to reverse phase, so no need to flush lines.

A Greener Approach through higher loadings.
Biotage Selekt using Biotage® Sfär take a greener approach - the columns have higher loading capacity versus traditional columns, and hence lower solvent consumption per gram of purified product.

Amazing Reliability.
Quality and reliability are key factors in Selekt. We stand ready to assist you with our five-year warranty to keep your instrument running at the highest quality standard.

Simplicity and Fun.
Selekt boasts a beautiful and functional graphical user interface presented on a large touchscreen. The ‘all in one screen’ display and intelligent integrated features like the QR code reader and the RFID rack recognition make it fun and simple to use.

  • flash chromatography systems

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