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Rugged SPE system capable of processing samples directly from their original containers using SPE Disks

The Top 3 Advantages

Process highly particulate laden samples with ease. Handle all samples reliably with multiple pre-filters


Consistent, reproducible and accurate results whilst using less solvent than liquid-liquid extraction


Less chance of emulsions, providing more predictable and increased productivity

Extraction of organic and semi-volatile organic compounds compounds from environmental and food samples

The Biotage® Horizon 5000 Automated Extraction System is a programmable, multipurpose SPE system, capable of processing aqueous samples directly from their original containers using disk based SPE. Regulatory programs, such as US EPA, ISO and European EN, include this technology in methods for drinking water, groundwater, surface water, wastewater and whole water.  

The product can handle up to seven solvents for conditioning, washing and elution. Up to four modules can be connected allowing 1–12 samples to be run at once. Improve your sample and solvent handling. Boost your productivity with simple software control.

When sample extraction becomes a problem the Biotage Horizon 5000 is your solution.

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