Flexible, efficient, and robust TOC & TNb determination in environmental and wastewater samples

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Negligible carryover and high throughput with an automated sampler & integrated rinsing functions


Unique SALTTRAP matrix separation guarantees long lifetime & low running costs


Innovative CLD concept for stable TNb results

TOC analysis of environmental water and wastewater at its best

The new enviro TOC is an innovative, future-oriented instrument solution for TOC/TNb analysis customized for environmental and wastewater samples. It combines the know-how from the predecessor model vario TOC select with new technologies.

The high-throughput 60-position sampler ensures convenient processing of samples for TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC, DOC, POC or TNb. Carryover and sedimentation is avoided with automated rinsing functions. TNb determination is realized using efficient EC cell technology or a modern, integrated chemiluminescence detector (CLD). The CLD concept guarantees linearly calibrated, extremely stable values and simple result evaluation.

The robust furnace with temperatures up to 1200°C provides full recovery and complete oxidation of even stable compounds as well as the optional operation in solids mode. In addition to the low-maintenance instrument concept, the SALTTRAP matrix separation provides effective protection of the combustion tube and detector resulting in a long service life and low operating costs of the enviro TOC.

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