The Top 3 Advantages

Highest data security and integrity: Compliance with FDA and EudraLex


Maximum efficiency: Users of the Sartorius balance are managed centrally in OMNIS


Ergonomic workflow integration: Weighing-in of samples can be started directly from the balance

The universal digital platform from Metrohm integrates the latest laboratory balance from Sartorius

Thanks to an extension (QApp) implemented on the balance, CUBIS® II from Sartorius has become a fully integrated module of the OMNIS platform. The Sartorius balance not only sends the measurement results to OMNIS but also the complete metadata for every weighing-in or weighing-out performed on the balance. When integrated in a local network, encryption of any data exchanged makes sure highest standards of data integrity and security are met at all times.

The user administration for the CUBIS® II balance is managed and verified centrally in OMNIS. The complete Audit Trail of all events on the balance is recorded in OMNIS. All requirements regarding regulatory compliance (FDA and EudraLex) are fully met.

The weighing-in or weighing-out of a sample or even of complete sample series can be started directly from the balance – without the need to even start OMNIS. Tolerance limits regarding sample weights are graphically represented on the display of the balance. When part of a local network, several OMNIS Clients can «share» the same CUBIS® II balance.

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