FastTrack™ UV/VIS Spectroscopy - accelerate your measurements

The Top 3 Advantages

Optimized workflow with full spectrum scans in just one second and without warm-up time


More space on the laboratory bench due to a very compact footprint


Cuvette- and microvolume platform to simplify all spectroscopy applications

Fast and reliable measurements with traceable accuracy and small footprint

The UV/VIS Excellence line includes four models that offer superior optical performance: UV5, UV7, UV5Bio and UV5Nano. Thanks to FastTrack™ technology, spectroscopic workflows can be accelerated and optimized. The models in this series have an extremely compact footprint - no larger than an A4 sheet - and ensure fast and reliable measurements. The reliable spectroscopic performance is combined with the intuitive and efficient One Click™ mode, which means that only one button needs to be pressed to start the measurement. The UV5 model simplifies UV/VIS spectroscopy with practical and direct measurement applications. The performance of the UV7 meets the strict requirements of EU and US pharmacopoeias and offers state-of-the-art automation features. The Model UV5Bio is the ideal instrument for UV/VIS applications in life sciences based on cuvette measurements. With the UV5Nano model, valuable sample substance can be saved and thanks to the LockPath™ technology, large concentration ranges can be reliably measured with only 1 µl sample volume.

  • UV/VIS spectrophotometry

  • UV/VIS spectroscopy

  • optical molecular spectroscopy

  • DNA analytics

  • RNA analytics

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