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Reliable automatic measurement of polymers - Quality through automatic determination of solution viscosity

The Top 3 Advantages

Standardized determination of the solution viscosity of polymer solutions of PA, PET, PP, PE and more


Decades of experience in handling aggressive solvents and use of appropriate materials


21 CFR Part 11 compliant software for high data security

Viscosity measurements with highest modularity and expandability for optimal sample throughput

An important characteristic for the quality of high-performance plastic products is the chain length of the polymers used. With the help of solution viscometry you can monitor this after the production of the polymers, after compounding and processing, for incoming and outgoing quality inspection or for damage analysis. Solution viscosity is suitable for many technical applications, especially in critical applications like in the automotive industry.

The automatic viscosity systems from LAUDA Scientific support you in monitoring high-performance plastics by determining the viscosity number of polyamides according to DIN EN ISO 307, the intrinsic viscosity (IV value) of PET, PBT, PE, PP and PC, and the K value of PVC and PAAM according to DIN EN ISO 1628 and others.

  • polymer analytics

  • viscosity determination

  • viscometry

  • degree of polymerization determination

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