Future integrated – The new generation of Integral process thermostats

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Future-proof temperature control up to a capacity of 20 kW compliant with the European F-Gas Regulation


Maximum connectivity: Modular interface concept, integrated web server, control via PC


Variopumps for optimal thermal connection with pressure relief and flow control

Experience and innovation for perfect temperature control

The process thermostats of the LAUDA Integral line have proven themselves on the market for decades. The development of the next generation utilises the proven strengths of the line and supplements them with future-oriented components. This enables LAUDA to offer its customers a temperature control unit that meets today's requirements for refrigeration technology and guarantees a smooth changeover with maximum process reliability. LAUDA Integral process thermostats heat and cool reliably in a wide range of applications in the most diverse industries. The devices are used in a wide range of applications, for example, for temperature control of stirred vessels, temperature control of reactors in the chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries, temperature tests on test benches in the automotive industry, whether for climate simulation, performance or material tests. Integral process thermostats are also the ideal partner for material testing. In microreactor technology, the devices are used for temperature control in scale-up processes. And in mechanical and electrical engineering, LAUDA Integral process thermostats are also an elementary component of space simulations.

  • battery tests

  • material testing

  • test bench temperature control

  • lifetime tests

  • temperature control

  • climate simulations

  • performance tests

  • process thermostats

Target Industries
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