Protect and optimize results from your sensitive instruments with Thermo Scientific™ UHPLC/MS solvents

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

High sensitivity


Low metal ion adduct formation


Improved peak profiles

Ever miss a signal? Your solvent choice means everything to the quality of your UHPLC/MS separation results. Thermo Scientific™ ultrapure solvents are designed to deliver the highest sensitivity, help ensure low formation of metal ion adducts, and improve peak profiles.

Thermo Scientific UHPLC/MS solvents offer significant advantages; Novel signal-to-noise ratio specification based on propazine in MS/MS mode, providing optimal signal-to-noise ratio for your analysis; 0.05 µm ultra-filtration for demanding UHPLC/MS applications, meaning less downtime due to clogging of instrument, columns, and check valves; LC-UV and LC-MS gradient suitability test give minimal UV-absorbing impurities combined with minimal MS-ionizing impurities, providing smooth baselines with extremely low interference, regardless of detector utilized; packaged in borosilicate bottles, which significantly reduces leaching of metal cations
(Na+ and K+).

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