Mixed Storage of Hazardous Chemicals

Poster & Sticker for Fast, Accurate Guidance

Hazardous chemicals are present in many labs – but they should be stored following strict guidelines to avoid violent reactions and toxic fumes. Our poster and sticker provide clear, detailed information about the different storage classes, and guidelines about which chemicals may be stored together. They also explain the distinction between mixed, separate or segregated storage, and provide special rules about warehousing ton volumes, or storing small quantities.


  • Information & guidelines about storing hazardous substances
  • Explanation of chemical storage classes
  • Storing chemicals in mixed, separate or segregated locations
  • Protective measures and handling rules
  • Special rules for storing small quantities
  • Warehousing plan recommendations
  • Restrictions on storing large quantities


  • Rules for storage rooms with a capacity of <1 ton, or safety cabinets
  • Quick overview of which products may or may not be stored together

  • hazardous substances storing

  • chemicals storing

  • mixed storage

  • separate storage

  • segregated storage

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