Reliable, Low-Maintenance Gas Measurements for In-Situ and Extractive Applications

The Top 3 Advantages

Fast and precise in-situ monitoring


Insensitive to interference


Resistant to corrosion

Sensor design for many applications

The TDL gas analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO have several measurement options for in-situ, extractive and cross tube applications. All tunable diode laser gas analyzers require no alignment and the standard probe-type analyzers fits in pipes down to DN100 pipes. Other adaptations include designs for DN50-sized small pipes, a filter probe for high-dust or high-condensate applications and a non-purge probe for blanketing applications.

To ensure perfect alignment at all times, the laser source and detector are located in a single unit at the sensor end and the laser beam is reflected to the detector by a three-sided mirror.
Thanks to its modular design, you can choose a process adaptation that is tailored to your application and match it to the required measurement parameter.

We offer sensors with a broad measurement portfolio for the following gases: CO₂, CO, HCl, H₂S, moisture content, NH₃, CH₄ and O₂.

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