Incubator Shaker Catalogue 2023/24 - Innova models from Eppendorf

Stackable Incubator Shakers, Benchtop Shakers, CO2 Incubator Shakers

Are you looking for a reliable incubator shaker for your solubility studies, bioreactor inoculum preparation, parallel screening, growth of phototropic organisms, or production of peptides, recombinant proteins, enzymes and other products?

Discover the large portfolio of Innova and New Brunswick shakers from Eppendorf that have been a reliable partner for scientists for over 70 years.

In this catalogue you will find the following products to find the perfect match for your application:

Two- and threefold stackable incubator shaker | High throughput / high capacity incubator shaker | Benchtop incubator shaker | Refrigerated incubator shaker |Top-loading / console-style incubator shaker Incubator shakers with photosynthetic/LED light |Shaker platforms (universal or dedicated), clamps, racks, and other accessories

The catalogue also includes a portfolio of open-air orbital shakers and provides background on incubator shaker technology. Interested in an individual quote or product demo? Use the contact possibilities below to get in contact with us.

  • microbiology

  • bioprocessing

  • vaccine production

  • solubility studies

  • plasmid production

  • incubator shakers

  • orbital shakers

  • laboratory shakers

  • benchtop shakers

  • CO2 incubator shakers

  • protein expression

  • shakers

  • incubated shakers

  • lab shakers

  • stackable shakers

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