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Maximum Flexibility for the Toughest Challenges in Process Analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

Modular architecture - application-specific combination of wet part cabinets for application flexibility


Combination of multiple analysis techniques to monitor various parameters in multiple sample streams


Turn-key solution - sample preparation solutions and integrated systems

Avoid downtimes with the customized online monitoring of several parameters and measuring points

The 2060 Process Analyzer  is an integrated solution for 24/7 online-monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes. The system is entirely modular by design enabling custom configurations for monitoring single or multiple process streams. Thanks to the modular architecture of the wet part and the possibility to combine multiple cabinets and even placed different cabinets in different locations, a wide range of applications are possible.

One or multiple parameters, in a single or multiple streams varying from trace levels to high concentrations in a single configuration? Using multiple analysis techniques, the 2060 Process analyzer is capable to cover a broad range of applications and concentrations by bringing the proven and high-quality Metrohm analysis modules from the lab to the process.

The analyzer is designed to withstand harsh process environments which results in a long analyzer lifetime and increased uptime due to less maintenance intervals.

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Deutsche METROHM Prozessanalytik GmbH & Co. KG
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