SG1024 Solid State Microwave Generator Series with up to 1,5 kW per unit either with 915 MHz or 2,45 GHz

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Worldwide MKS Instruments support and service structure for on site tech support and local service


Microwave systems based on solid state technology with up to 22kW or Switch Mode technology up to 75kW


Highest process control due to precise frequency output and frequency tuning

SG series is a new microwave technology from the inventor of the high efficiency switch mode technology

Solid State Microwave generators offer unbeaten advantages for the use in R&D and demanding microwave applications such as industrial heating, drying or coating.

With the introduction of the solid state technology MKS Instruments offers solutions for highest possible process control due to the accuracy in frequency, flexibility in tuning the frequency at the lowest possible power consumption. There are no more consumables such as magnetron resulting in a significant higher MTBF and therefore an overall improvement in the Cost of Owner Ship model.

MKS Instruments with it's brands ALTER and ASTEX is one of the largest supplier for industrial microwave solutions. Our technology is widely used across all high tech industries such as Semiconductor, Food & Beverage,  Pharma/Medical & synthetic diamond production

Key parameters of the SG-series:

  • Frequency control: 2.4-2.5 GHz or 900-930MHz
  • Power control from 1% to 100%
  • Small form factor with solid state design
  • Size: 19” rack style,  only 2U (2.45 GHz) or 3U (915MHz)
  • Output on coax connector (7/16”)
  • Scalable (can be combined in phase!), single source up to 1 kW @2450; or up to 3kW  @ 915 (up to 22kW at 915 MHz systems realized)
  • Built-in isolators
  • Built in Forward and reflected power detector
  • Microwave Generators

  • solid state microwave generators

  • microwave systems

  • dryers

  • heating systems

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