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Operator Safety Is the Top Priority - Big Bag Discharge Station in Containment Design OEB3

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Operator protection thanks to special design. Can be used in a zone meeting OEB requirements


Reliable discharge of bulk materials into closed production systems with little generation of dust


Conversion kit for retrofitting existing big bag discharge stations on the plant operator’s premises

Handling of respirable, toxic and carcinogenic substances as well as other hazardous substances

Flexible bulk materials receptacles such as big bags have become firmly established for handling powders in a variety of branches.

AZO big-bag emptying stations enable the clean emptying of bulk materials into closed production systems. The big bags can be conveniently inserted into the station with the help of an integrated chain hoist. In addition to free-flowing bulk materials, difficult-to-flow products can also be reliably emptied using appropriate discharge aids.

If substances harmful to health are being processed in a production plant, special protection must be in place for the operating personnel.

One type of substance harmful to health is what are known as “respirable dusts” – dusts that are so fine they penetrate into the pulmonary alveoli and can damage these. Dusts can also lead to other health risks. Many substances are classified as CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic = causing cancer, causing genetic mutations, harmful to fertility). These harmful substances are not just absorbed via the airways, but in some cases also via the skin or digestive system. New substances are continually being classified as harmful to health, meaning that plant operators are forced to retrofit existing plants or install entirely new equipment.

  • raw material handling

  • raw material automation

  • big-bag emptying

  • operator protection

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