Digital Added Value via Kastor Datacockpit – Data Analysis and Data Evaluation

The Top 3 Advantages

Creating transparency in production plants


Increasing quality of end products


Improving availability of the systems

What does data analysis mean in relation to smart data?

Control systems in production plants generate an enormous amount of data over the years. These data are a tangled jungle of big data. The latest data analysis and evaluation techniques allow the use of only a small amount of relevant information. In general, it's about extracting insights from data. The data is first checked for relevance, then restructured, organizesd and displayed so that the identification of connections and dependencies in data becomes visible. These results form the basis for production optimization.

The advantages of data analysis by the Kastor DataCockpit lie in the added value of previously unused data that accumulates in the operation of the AZO system or other system components. New insights into optimization possibilities, the identification of possible weak points or the avoidance of errors - the data analysis creates the prerequisite for a permanent improvement of the system and its components. It brings transparency to the production process, increases the quality of the end products and increases the availability of the system.

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