Narrow PSD Spherical Particles in Micron Range by Drying / Core-Shell Coating / Calcination in One Step

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Long-term stability for battery materials through precise, even coating of anode/cathode materials


Unique new optical effects and maximum protection for your paint and coating pigments


Applying even, homogenous catalytic coatings to cores using the minimum amount of active material

Particles with precisely definable chemical composition in narrow particle size distributions

From nano to micro: drying, coating and calcining in just one process step with synthesis reactors from Glatt.

Produce and coat powder materials with new, previously unattained properties in the pulsating hot gas stream of the patented Glatt powder synthesis. Thanks to the particularly homogeneous thermal treatment at up to 1,300°C, ultra-fine powders produced in this way are free of hotspots, easily dispersible and free of undesirable hard aggregates.

Benefit from very high heat and mass transfer rates in the reactor and from the ability to specifically determine the layer thickness, porosity and activity profiles of your powder particles. You have full flexibility to adjust the chemical composition of your powders, achieve extremely good homogeneity and a narrow particle size distribution. The continuous process is easily scalable to industrial applications.

Secure our support to realize your product idea and access to innovative technology.

Benefit from short development times for new materials using our facilities for collaboration. Laboratory trials and pilot tests in the Glatt Technology Center are your reliable express route to results for the fundamental feasibility of your product requirements and sample quantities for performance evaluation or marketing.

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