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An Easy Continuous Crystallisation Technology for the Production of API with the Desired Attributes

The Top 3 Advantages

Facilitating the crystallisation process by eliminating the need for seeding and micronisation step


Enabling the production of API with the desired crystal attributes without post-processing


By downscaling reactor size, nucleation is precisely controlled, yielding high batch consistency

The versatility of Secoya Crystallisation Technology enables manufacture of most products

Unlike any alternative process, the Secoya crystallisation technology is based on the precise control of spontaneous nucleation through the use of millifluidic tubular reactors upon cooling and different antisolvent addition possibilities. Using such capillaries, any parameter influencing the nucleation is ideally optimized and controlled.

Secoya’s crystallisation technology is unique, enabling crystallisation of molecules in a single process step avoiding difficult work-up when performed with conventional batch systems. Due to the uniformity in design of the reactors, product output is very stable with very limited product variability.
Any crystal size from nano– to micrometric scale can be achieved, in most cases a window of possible end-sizes can be obtained on the same equipment; it is a true on-demand, flexible and low surface process equipment.

Possible applications are small organic and inorganic molecules such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, chemicals requiring very fine particle size distributions, nanosized particles, etc.
We guide you from the early development stages up to the sales, installation and after sales support of your process. Our experienced development team has an excellent track record in taking on new crystallisation processes.

  • tubular reactors

  • millifluidic tubular reactors

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Secoya-Technologies SRL
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