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YSTRAL Jetstream Mixer: The better alternative to a common stirrer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Effective micro and macro mixing of the complete container contents without air ingress nor thrombling


Complete mass transfer across all tank levels through vertical mixing, no sedimentation


Up to 90% of the energy used is converted into a vertical flow - no rotating container contents

High circulation capacity with the rotor-stator principle.

Effective micro and macro-mixing are crucial for achieving consistent product quality in a wide variety of applications. The YSTRAL Jetstream Mixers satisfies all the requirements for complete and homogeneous mixing of the container contents.<br/> The YSTRAL Jetstream Mixer proves that cost efficiency, an optimum mixing profile and easy-of-use are not incompatible.

Functionality of the YSTRAL Jetstream Mixers:
A fast turning rotor, surrounded by a deflector tube (stator), creates a downward flowing jet that directs fluid stream straight to the bottom of the container.
Once at the container bottom, the stream splits and creates an upward flow along the outside wall. At the surface of the fluid stream is redirected towards the container bottom.

Target Industries
ystral gmbh
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