Buchi nutsche filters for various applications in scale-up, pilot and production

The Top 3 Advantages

Easy and safe operation.


Customized according to your process requirements.


cGMP and ATEX compliant.

Buchi nutsche filters are smartly designed and built of highly corrosion resistant materials

Buchi nutsche filters are mainly used for solid / liquid separation after the synthesis. The highly corrosion resistant (inert) materials in contact with the process media allow safe processing of a wide range of solvents and acids in an inert atmosphere and a completely sealed system under full vacuum. Our solutions fullfill the requirements of ATEX and are specifically optimized for cGMP API manufacturing. Additionally, the design of the systems is optimized for operational reliability, cleanability and user-friendlyness. Buchi nutsche filter can be equipment with manually or motor driven strirrers, hight-adjustable stirrers and heating/cooling jackets.
Additionally, Buchi offers jacketed nutsche filters with motor driven stirres for the use as filter reactors for applications such as solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS).
Buchi nutsche filters - customized solutions for your specific process requirements.

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