Controlling Sanitary Processes with Optical Immersion Probes

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Confidence through 3-A Certification


Measurement and Control - Free of Contamination Risk


CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Sterilize in place) Compatible

Online Measurements in the UV / Vis / NIR with Excalibur HY 25 Hygienic 3-A Probe

The dairy industry places some of the highest demands on the hygienic properties of the machines and materials used in milk processing, as well as in the complex procedures involved in the wide range of dairy product manufacture.

Such stringent requirements must also be met by the optical immersion probe used for online analysis in order to control the process and obtain a uniform and consistent product.

With the Excalibur HY 25 Hygienic 3-A probe, the production processing of food and drinks - especially dairy products - can be monitored online without the  risk of contamination. The 3-A certification of this probes makes the approval process for the plant design and operation easier.

Connected to a NIR spectrometer thethe Excalibur HY 25 Hygienic 3-A probe can be used to determine the fat, protein and water content of dairy products. But, whether you need a 3-A certified probe for dairy, food and drink analysis or simply a top-quality hygienic probe for monitoring concentrations in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, the Excalibur HY 25 Hygienic 3-A probe is the optimum solution.

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