Chemizorb® Absorbents for Spilled Liquids

Discover our Fast-Acting Chemizorb® Absorbents & Neutralizers for Different Chemical Spills

Whether you work in a lab, production plant or warehouse, it’s essential to know the right way to clear up accidental spills of aggressive or unpleasant liquids – like hydrofluric acid, mercury, organic solvents or paraffin oils.

Our Chemizorb® brochure gives you an overview of our broad product range. We included a detailed guidance on suitable Chemizorb® types for different spilled substances. Moreover you will learn about the benefits of our absorbents, and see how safe, fast and easy the cleaning of spills can be.

Discover the benefits of Chemizorb® absorbents:

  • Quick take-up of chemicals minimizes risks
  • Secure process monitoring through pH indicators
  • High absorption capacity reduces product use and costs
  • Choice of bulk pack sizes for larger requirements

Get to know our different Chemizorb® types

  • Chemizorb® powder or granules for acids, alkalis, acid chlorides, aqueous solutions, organic solvents and paraffin oils
  • Chemizorb® OH- for spilled alkalis, with indicator
  • Chemizorb® H+ for spilled acids, with indicator
  • Chemizorb® HF for spilled hydrofluoric acid, with indicator
  • Chemizorb® Hg kit for spilled mercury, with all reagents and auxiliaries

Don’t let a spill turn into a ris!

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