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Complete program of liquid handling for ICP

Standards for ICP and ICP-MS, ion chromatography, atomic absorption wet chemistry

Spetec supplies Inorganic Ventures' small packaged, liquid and certified standards in a sealed, specially developed TCT bag to extend shelf life up to 5 years. However, this is NOT identical with the expiration date!

Shelf life is the period of time that a properly packaged and stored standard will last without chemical or physical changes within the stated uncertainty margins.

The expiration date, on the other hand, is the recommended period of time within which a standard should be used after opening in a laboratory environment. This should never exceed 1 year.

The expiration date of an aqueous trace element standard depends on the following factors:

1. chemical stability of the standard

2. perspiration losses through container walls and the closure cap

3. the "human factor" in the use of the standard

In order to maintain the quality of a standard for as long as possible, Inorganic Ventures has eliminated point 1 and greatly reduced point 2 through internal testing.

Ultimately, the only uncontrollable risk factor for quality is the human being, who needs to be trained accordingly.

Spetec is looking forward to advising you, also with regard to peristaltic pumps and the appropriate tubing.

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