Compact and inexpensive heat circulating thermostat for working temperatures up to +300 °C

The Top 3 Advantages

Compact, powerful heat circulating thermostat for closed temperature control circuits


High working temperatures up to +300 °C without oil vapours and less oxidation of the fluid


Suitable for use with Marlotherm as thermofluid

Hot, Hotter, Chili! Heating circulator guarantees highly accurate temperature control results

Chili is the latest heating circulator for closed systems in the Unistat product family. The compact heating thermostat is equipped with the E-grade Professional as standard and convinces with excellent thermodynamic properties and a range of functions for the highest demands. Chili guarantees highly accurate, reproducible temperature control results with short heat-up times and wide temperature ranges without changing fluids. Like all Unistats, the Chili is equipped with the innovative Pilot ONE controller with 5.7“ touch screen and convenient menu navigation.

The economically Unistat technology provides minimized operating costs and efficient energy management. A further advantage is the extended life-time of the thermo­fluid. The hydraulically sealed systems prevent the formation of oil vapours and oxidation. Chili is the smallest heating thermostat in the Huber product range that is approved for use with Marlotherm as a thermofluid. For controlled cooling, an external cooling coil (unregulated) is available as an optional accessory. Due to its technical properties and low purchase price, Chilli is ideally suited for distillation tasks in botanical extraction, for example.

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