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Analysis Contract Lab: Advantage through the Combination of 3 Methods XPS, TOF-SIMS & AES

The Top 3 Advantages

Identification and quantification of unknown substances on surfaces


Detailed results presented in the shortest possible time in a comprehensible manner


Reliability and very high availability

Our contract analysis lab provides comprehensible answers to your questions

When routine analysis is no longer helpful, our service becomes valuable for you. We operate our analysis systems in daily use and with the many years of experience of the equipment manufacturer. High availability is guaranteed by the in-house technical service and leads to very fast answers to our customers' problems. Providing fast and understandable answers is the focus.

The spectra and measurement data are the basis of the answers.Special analysis of the thinnest layers on the surface requires sophisticated analysis methods. The surface chemistry is determined by the top nanometres and our analysis methods look exactly there: The top 5-10nm. Local distribution of substances can be intentional (structure) or unintentional (stains). We can find this out with our methods by imaging analysis in the micrometer range. If it has to go deeper, sputtering also makes the underlying micrometers under the surface accessible.

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