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Real-time, high-resolution, and high-sensitivity composition monitor for gases and liquids

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Full quantitative chemical analysis up to ten times per second


Autonomous instrument directly integrated into your production equipment


Remote control and supervision, including live results in real-time and around the clock

TOF-MS Technology for Highest Product Quality, Real-time, In-line, Sensitive

Our compact TOF-MS can be mounted in-line of industrial manufacturing equipment, providing constant monitoring of products and production processes. All species are detected simultaneously and continuously every 100 ms without dead time. We reach a mass resolution of 1800 at full width at half maximum, a detection limit below 1 ppm and a dynamic range up to 8 decades. No scanning of the mass scale is required. The noise level over the full mass range is constant, allowing the detection of small quantities of heavy chemical compounds.

The STT-1800 is mechanically simple and very robust. Hence, it is well suited for high-reliability applications in industry and harsh environments. The instrument is fully network compatible, controlled and operated in a web browser-based single-page application, providing measurement data streams, which are integrating with our software solution for data visualization, data analysis and long-term data storage in a database.

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    MISSION: Redefine Process, Product, and Environmental Safety Control - We bring compact and sensitive time-of-flight mass spectrometry from space to Earth to the control of industrial processes, product quality, and water safety. Through groundbreaking innovations, our instruments redefine ... more