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Switch between 6 different observation methods by pushing a button


Fast macro to micro viewing


Accurate measurements with a telecentric optical system

DSX1000 Digital Microscope Offers Advanced Tools for Faster Failure Analysis

The DSX1000 digital microscope combines the quality of renowned Olympus optics with the ease of use of digital technologies. Designed to measure and observe a variety of materials, the microscope offers guaranteed high- and low-magnification accuracy and precision* in a single instrument for users in the electronics, metal, semiconductor, automotive, aerospace and medical device manufacturing industries. New benefits and features enhance the DSX1000 digital microscope’s performance and measurement capabilities, including fast, one-button switching between 17 objective lenses for low and high magnification, from 20X to 7000X. Telecentric optical system offers guaranteed accuracy and repeatability* at all magnifications. The best image function enables users to quickly compare and choose the best observation method between 6 options, brightfield, oblique, darkfield, MIX, polarization, and differential interference contrast. 60 frames-per-second image acquisition means fast, smooth image stitching for large samples.

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