Dynamic mechanical analysis of solid, soft & liquid samples

The Top 3 Advantages

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) in bending, tension, torsion, and compression


Thermomechanical analysis (TMA)


Advanced concept for the highest flexibility in DMA and rheometry

Rheometers - the better DMA devices

MCR 702 MD is the most versatile and powerful platform available for dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) on solid, soft, and liquid samples. The device combines a completely new linear motor with the renowned EC motor technology from MCR rheometers. This modern and unique combination enables you to carry out DMA in torsion, tension, bending, and compression as well as thermomechanical analysis (TMA) alongside all rheological measuring methods with one single instrument in one measuring run.

With the possibility to measure the E* modulus and G* modulus in the instrument you can now determine the temperature-dependent Poisson’s ratio on just one sample in one test sequence. The MCR rheometers stand for precision and flexibility. With the largest portfolio of accessories on the market, the MCR rheometers continue to grow with your requirements and possibilities. Whatever you need for dynamic mechanical analysis and rheology now and in the future: Anton Paar’s rheometers fit conveniently and efficiently.

  • dynamic mechanical analysis

  • thermomechanical analysis

  • rheometry

  • rheology

  • material characterization

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