Analytix Reporter - the Supelco® Analytical Journal

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The Supelco Analytix Reporter is a quarterly journal addressing all aspects of analytical workflows from sample preparation, via calibration & qualification to analysis and data processing. It provides information, updates, and advice on applications, methods, techniques and new workflow tools, that can help to improve reliability and/or efficiency.

The Analytix Reporter provides analytical scientist with valuable information on Food & Beverage, Clinical & Forensic, Pharma & BioPharma, Petrochemical & Chemical Industry, Environmental and Industrial Hygiene testing.

Analytical techniques covered include Chromatography (U/HPLC, LC-MS, GC, TLC), Spectroscopy & Spectrometry, Titration (incl. Karl-Fischer), Rapid Chemical Testing by Photometry, Reflectometry and Test Strips, Sample Preparation (incl. SPE & SPME), and Air Monitoring.

The journal is available for FREE as printed or electronic/on-line version, or both if you desire.

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