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Energy-dispersive Micro X-ray fluorescence analyzer

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Measure what you see with excitation in 90° geometry


Look through your sample with the included transmission X-ray detector


Adaptable spatial resolution thanks to automated capillary exchange

Look below the surface!

Whether in quality control for quick overview scans or in research for demanding applications: the possibility of using a number of different X-ray optics in the same device allows you to quickly change the focus of the device. Fast mappings are possible thanks to a polycapillary with the highest intensity. After identifying the regions of interest, detailed mappings can be achieved with a monocapillary with 10 µm spatial resolution. The vertical alignment of the capillaries and the almost parallel beam guidance of the monocapillaries result in sharp and undistorted element distributions even on rough surfaces with differences of up to 15 mm.

The unique advantage of the XGT-9000 is that transmission x-ray images are also created at the same time, so a lot of additional information is obtained during a measurement. For example, defects in electronic components or unwanted foreign bodies in pharmaceuticals can be detected non-destructively. Benefit from the additional information that this kind of imaging offers you.

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  • X-ray fluorescence microscopes

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