Preparative HPLC system for the batch purification of RNA

The Top 3 Advantages

Purification at elevated temperatures


Automated fractionation


Ternary gradient HPLC system

For RNA-based vaccines

KNAUER has developed the RNA Purifier, a preparative HPLC system for batch purification of RNA.

The purification is carried out at elevated temperatures to denature the RNA, simplifying its structural diversity and allowing successful separation. Under reversed-phase separation conditions, RNase is effectively deactivated, preventing RNA cleavage. The system with a precise gradient pump, UV detection and temperature control supports your RNA research by reliably purifying your valuable samples from by-products.

The system can be optimally used at flow rates between 10 and 80 ml/min at max. 400 bar and can collect the fractions according to peak signal. An eluent heater and a column heating sleeve ensure exact temperatures even at high flow rates. The temperatures measured at the column inlet and outlet are monitored by the software.

This configuration can be used, for example, to effectively purify RNA therapeutic candidates for combating SARS-CoV-2.

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