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Wet chemistry automation by segmented flow analysis for water, soil, food, etc.

The Top 3 Advantages

Fast sample throughput with up to 140 analysis per hour


Total automation while analyzing sub ppb to high ppm levels


Analysis methods according to Standard Methods DIN, EPA, ISO, AOAC, Coresta, EBC, ASBC and many more

Flexible systems for reliable 24/7 analysis of numerous complex parameters

The San series continuous flow analyzers can analyze your samples automatically and reliably around the clock. The analyzers are modular and can be configured to meet the needs of any laboratory, including various in-line sample preparation steps such as UV-digestion, distillation, extraction, dialysis and ion-exchange in environmental and industrial laboratories with applications for water, soil and plant, food, fertilizers, beer and malt and tobacco. With the implementation of a wide range of detection techniques, the San series meet the analytical requirements of over a thousand chemistry applications. These range from simple applications as ammonia, chloride, nitrite to more complex determinations, such as total cyanide, phenol, TN, TP and many others.

The San ++ accommodates up to 5 chemistry modules and can determine up to 16 parameters simultaneously.

The San compact has been specially developed for smaller laboratories. The modern and compact design saves laboratory bench space, whilst still providing total automation as well as the possibility to be extended in the future.

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