Ultra-simple and ultra-precise soild density analysis

The Top 3 Advantages

The widest available sample volume range due to multiple reference chambers


Bi-directional measurements prevent elutriation of fine powder


Integrated Peltier temperature control between 15 °C and 50 °C

The newest generation of gas pycnometry

We understand that you handle many measurement technologies, sample types, and responsibilities during your laboratory workday. Instruments that have complicated analysis routines and clutter valuable workspace are not welcome. That’s why the Ultrapyc series of gas pycnometers is the solution for you. We have developed the most precise and user-friendly gas pycnometer on the market today.

You benefit from maximum flexibility and can carry out precise measurements with small (from 0.1 ccm) and also large sample amounts (up to 130 ccm). The patented lid closing mechanism guarantees the maximum reproducibility of the results and ergonomic handling of your pycnometer. Thanks to the integrated Peltier temperature control external water baths are a thing of the past. You also never need to worry about the elutriation of fine powder as you can select the direction of gas expansion.

Discover all the benefits of our maintenance-free gas pycnometer in your laboratory and enjoy a 3-year warranty!

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