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Smallest portable multi component FTIR Gas analyzer – 9.4 kg with battery only – New!

The Top 3 Advantages

Measurement and identification of volatile IR-active harmful gases


Measuring ranges from ppm to percentages - pre-calibrated for 400 components


Robust, also for the harsh conditions at site and out-door, spray protected and IP 54

Workplace, Container, Fire-brigade, Emergency-response, Animal-Hygiene, Green-house-gases, Research

Our new FTIR gas analyzer GT5000 Terra measures up to 50 IR-active harmful gases in air in the lower ppm concentration range under normal conditions. Its splash protection and 9.4 kg also make it ideal for rough outdoor use. A tablet PC serves as a control and storage unit; connection is possible via cable, Bluetooth or WLAN (also remote access). It continuously saves complete IR spectra, which the patented Calcmet software evaluates with reference spectra of the pure components of known concentration. In addition to quantification, the software identifies unknown substances. The evaluation is accordingly adjusted in the software. No hardware change is needed and the user is able to perform the change. The measurement spectra are used for documentation / quality control. This means that the measurement results can still be validated years later. The GT5000 Terra is set up and delivered according to the specific application of each customer. The actual measuring process can therefore be carried out quickly and easily and the user does not need any analytical background.

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Gasmet Technologies GmbH
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    Gasmet is known as a synonym for gas analysis. Power plants are equipped with Gasmet Emission measurement technology. Our excellence lies in FTIR, Mercury, and Dioxin measuring systems. Gasmet’s portable FTIR analyzers are unique, being capable to measure even corrosive, hot and wet gases ... more