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Discrete analyzer for environmental laboratories with a wide variety of sample types and matrices

The Top 3 Advantages

640 analyses walkaway time with temperature-controlled racks


Simultaneous automatic analysis of up to 8 different parameters


Sub-ppm detection limits due to extended optical path length

Reliable and precise results of various parameters with complete "walk-away" automation

The BluVision discrete analyzer is ideal for environmental and industrial laboratories analyzing a wide variety of sample types and matrices. The system integrates years of experience in the field of spectrophotometric analysis and robotic automation into one design. Advantages are low detection limits, high accuracy and large sample capacity.

The discrete analyzer has a capacity of 100 sample positions and 32 positions for reagents and/or standard solutions. The sample and reagent racks are cooled during the analysis run. The analyzer is equipped with a cuvette tray for 16 cuvette blocks. The autoloader holds an additional 48 cuvette blocks, giving a total on board capacity of 640 tests allowing a long walkaway time.

The detector contains a halogen light source and a filter wheel containing 8 filters of the necessary wavelengths The analyzer is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Automatic re-analysis of under- or over-range samples is possible. The Skalar analysis methods conform to NEN-ISO 15923-1, CMA/2/I/C.8, EPA, etc.

  • photometric systems

  • analytical systems

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