Vertical floor-standing laboratory autoclaves

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Safe, accurate, reproducible and validatable sterilization.


Easy handling, great service, fast sterilization cycles.


Sterilization of liquds, solids and waste. More than 25 years experience.

Laboratory autoclaves from 40 to 150 liters for all laboratory applications

Systec autoclaves can be used in all laboratory applications, including challenging sterilization processes: Sterilizing liquids (such as culture media, nutrient media), solid bodies (such as instruments, pipettes, glassware), waste (sterilization of liquid waste in bottles or solid waste in waste bags before destruction), and biologically hazardous materials in safety laboratories. All Systec autoclaves can be expanded with options and equipment on a modular basis, in order to optimize your sterilization process and implement validated sterilization processes. Companies can select only the options they need to optimize their specific sterilization procedure.

The autoclaves are successfully used in research as laboratory autoclaves as well as in production as industrial autoclaves (e.g. as production autoclave in the pharmaceutical industry or the food industry) for more than 25 years.

The compact Systec V-Series, consisting of top-loading vertical autoclaves (40 - 150 liter standing autoclaves) in 8 different models stand out for their low space requirements & tall usable height.

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